seriously?  7?  aw man I went to high school with that guy!



too much crunch on this one.  I’ll step back from color on the next few just due to sheet investment of time.  there’s plenty of work to do with my black and white style.   here’s a glimpse of panel 3, probably my favorite part 🙂

out dressing

ok, so this took me a good 2 hours to color…one panel.

dammit, I have to finish the whole thing by tomorrow….

out walking

well, it’s been a while – I haven’t exactly been keeping my promise have I? I guess this is a little something to put up here. instead of going for a “drawing a day” approach I think that I’ll go with semi-regular updates of any sort. I could use the excuse that engineering and homework and people have been keeping me busy – but I’ve spent a lot of time across halo 3, half life 2, smash brothers, and WoW instead of trying to further my art. after being extremely jealous for the longest time from the art and coloring over at three panel soul, dresden codak, minus, and other comics I read I think it’s about time I kicked up my art style and devoted more time to creating and less to consuming. here’s a dab I just took at coloring – for the moment I’m happy with it. I’ll see where it goes.

roboto in style

and if you’re a pitt student, I apologize for a mix-up with nine/thirds. check the paper friday, I’m gonna see what I can do…


i just realized this is like that A1 steak sauce commercial, only with cheese.  oh well, cheese is better.

not quite as delicious

even more delicious?

okay, so I this was done but thursday was a long day.  it looks like i’ve fallen into a bad trend here, and I’m not sure when I’ll pull out of it…

still delicious

since I’m actually in comic development mode right now, I feel justified in posting the same image, just with the first lvl of ink over it.   tomorrow’s will be the final copy!

so far

i thought they were funny